6.9.5 Attributes Drop-down Menu

I just updated to 6.9.5. In previous versions, when I would click on an attributes drop down menu, I could see a nice long list of attributes. For example, if i were to click on “material,” I could see most, if not all of the available options. Now, when I click on one of these drop-down menus, I can only see the first 5. I’m having to scroll, almost every time I click on this. Since the window is so small, it’s hard to locate the item I’m looking for too. Is there a way to extend these windows, so more of the options are visible, without having to scroll. Other than that, everything else seems ok. Thank you!

Yes!!! I agree. Here are 4 screen shots, the first 2 are from GarageSale 6.7.5 and the 2nd 2 are from GarageSale 6.8b3… I’m not sure what has changed, but the popups are definitely different sizes.

Only place I can find this happening is in the Custom Details/Item attributes window, for all item specifics, all other popup menus in other places in GS show lots of items. But these are all “type-in combo popup menu boxes”. Maybe a new default param in the new updated SDKs specifically for type-in combo popup menu boxes???


Do you think this is fixable? Also, how do you revert back to an earlier version of GarageSale without disconnecting from 800 listings? In addition to this drop-down menu thing, since updating to 6.9.5, I can’t select categories in GarageSale. When I click on “First Category,” my inspector disappears. For each new listing, I have to manually edit the category and select my item specifics from inside my eBay listing. I just sent GS support a console log, I’m waiting to hear back from them. I have a ton of items to list this weekend. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

I believe that that the default sizing mechanism of the combo box UI element changed, because never version of GarageSale are linked against a newer version of the OS X SDK. Not sure why Apple opted for changing it, but maybe Jony Ive hates long lists? :wink: