7.0.9 B4 still has line spacing problems

downloaded 7.9.4 beta 4. and re opened my GS 6 pages…

the line spacing problems seem to be even worse / wider tham my previous posts on this problem.

my old faithful GS 6, versus is the latest GS 7.0.9 b4.

In GarageSale 7 in Editor mode make sure you have “Don’t convert” selected.


Regards, Kristian

Hi, when I installed the 7.0.9.b4 it just opened as this…

if I re-install 7.0.9.b4, how to I import my GS6 files with out converting. I did not see any option when doing that, it seemed to do it automatically.?

is it possible to Export all my GS6 listings to be imported int GS7 as HTML.?

also on a side note- is it possible to download the Manual that you gave a link to above.?

regards, Sandy

You can get access to the full manual under the Help Menu : GargeSale Help
It’s a very good manual.


Yes, it is good, but can be slow to use, as I am often downloading movies in the background. (TV is so borings)

would like to run from hard dis. PDF format… Hin.?


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