A Business Policy WhoDunIt

@kristian or @ilja I have a quick question before I try to figure all this out:

Was it eBay or GarageSale that automatically rolled me over into their Business Policies?


I have not been called, but am 100% sure that it depends on eBay, not GS of course. They are doing big changes in this period also in my ebay site and are going to bring us to opt in policy too (with little difference for now, but we are always faaar beyond ebay.com).
Patience Michelle, it’s destiny for all :sweat_smile:

It is Ebay. There is a link to opt out of the business policies

Go to My eBay/Account/Business Policies

On the page, at the top right, will be three small links (Opt out | Send us your comments | Help).

Yeah. I know I can opt out, but I’m going through one at a time. My problems remain whether I opt in or opt out. :frowning:

It was, I suppose, eBay that changed every one of my listings so that each is 5 pounds.

I have had to go back and weigh each one of my 300+ listings before I put them up.

I just wanted to know who to complain to.

I know, fedege, I suppose I’m developing patience.

I have created my own policies, and hopefully they’re right!

Had to re-weigh everything, which is slow. I’m trying to fix these so I can put them up before March 1.

I don’t know how shippings work there, but if you have similar items (I mean, in the same weight range) you should do it faster. Just select, for example, all postcards or photos of the same size, weight one and then apply to all the correct shipping policy
In my opinion it worths to opt in. No one knows what ebay has in its perverse mind. One day or another they can say everything and the opposite of everything and I won’t be surprise if one day they will come out with the “incredible useful and intelligent” idea of making policies mandatory. Just thinking about the watermark matter might give an idea about what can pass in their mind…
All this is to say that it’s better to be ready prior to this situation and not do everything at last in my opinion.

You convinced me to opt in a week or so ago.

I’m about half way through. I put those I’ve done online. I sure do hope I did them right!

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