A recurring problem

every time I mark as paid, shipped or I insert a tracking code for a multiple orders, GS shows me this message:

I took this image some weeks ago but it is always the same, also some minutes ago. If I have 10 items, it appears 10 times consequently…

What does the error code mean in English?

“Simultaneous actions are not allowed on the same item”

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by this. Can you please explain?

Are you adding a tracking number for an order with multiple items?

Or do you have several orders selected in the middle part of the main window when filling in the tracking number field?

Perhaps you could post a short video?

Hello @ilja ,
excuse me, I try to be more clear.

Well, first of all, I was talking about writing a tracking code for an order with multiple items… BUT… I have to say that there are also other actions that make visible this warning. Maybe I found the matter: it appears every time I have a single order which includes 2 or more items and I mark it as shipped/paid/refunded and/or I select a postal service and/or I insert a tracking code.

I mean… every time I do something with a multiple order (more items in the unique order), this warning appears.

I hope it is more clear now. Thanks again for patience.

If you can easily reproduce, can you please:

  • turn on logging
  • trigger the error panel by doing something with a multi-item order
  • turn off logging

This way we can look into the issue more easily. Thanks.

Hello @ilja , of course I can do, please just let me know how to turn on please ::grin:

Do you still have the Logging menu visible in the menu bar?

No I don’t have it …