A warning each time I upload to ebay US - verification without button

I know it is just a warning - but who wants to get several warnings each day (and not knowing if ignoring can lead to a desaster)?


Each time I make an upload to ebay USA, I get a warning that I need to verify I am complying with international selling laws “which can restrict the sale of authentic products”. I would like to verify, no problem at all - but I am missing the “further information”-link. In the past, you had a button which redirected you directly to ebay, you clicked on “confirm” and all was done. Now I am permanently forced to verify but simply can’t. Again, it’s a warning and I can upload my items. But everybody who knows ebay should be well aware that something nasty can be the consequence of ignoring. And that’s something I am honestly not looking forward to.

Is there anybody presently going through the same experience?

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I remember I had another type of warning for ebay.com , but I do not remember exactly what it said… what kind of authentic products are you talking about? I suppose it depends on the category you are listing on…

I’ll send you a link via the private message feature of this help forum. By clicking this link, we can see what errors GarageSale receives from eBay on your Mac. Maybe there’s a link hidden in the warning that GarageSale doesn’t display.

Many thanks, Ilja - this might be the solution and it would be great if it could be solved this way. I will reply to your pm.

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