Accidentally restarting SOLD Items

I know this is a stupid user error but sadly I keep falling for it.

Sometimes when I select a large number of items to start I miss the odd one that has already been sold in the list.

There is no recovering from this and the SOLD item become a PREPARED LISTINg and losing the one to one connection with the previously sold item.

Would it be possible to set a flag to stop this happening with a message 'YOU ARE RESTARTING A SOLD ITEM, or similar?
I seem to do this far too often.

Apologies for be being a clumsy, retiree user.


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This is the one that catches me almost every time. 95% of ALL my sold listings have the check in the box for “Ignore Inventory Quantity” and I never check it to begin with and I sell 1 of a kind items.
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 8.34.37 AM I cant get rid of them because they are greyed out and unable to be edited until listing time and you click the restart box first

is there a way to filter with smart folder listings with that quantity inventory checked? This would solve the problem of selling previously sold items.
Apart this, I take the opportunity to ask some more information about the feature. How did you get with this feature? I am planning to buy a Mac mini, leave it always on and running to lt this feature work properly. Would you do this on 26.000 active listings or do you think it might be a risk? Any advice would be very pleased.

There is also another information I would like to ask you, since I know you are using this feature. What is the difference between “relist with changes” and “relist with changes to photos and description”?

Thank you very much in advance for any help

If there is I can’t find it on the list. The problem is my previously sold items, that are many years old, have the ignore quantity checked. I didn’t check the box but it is checked in my ended and sold listings. I don’t know if it defaulted to that over the years in a previous GS7 program. Perhaps file got corrupted? I lost all previous sales prior to 2020 when moving to GS8 and this appears to be a hold over from that.

I use GS running continuously with about 1,000 listings using the cancel and restart feature. I still watch what GS is doing on restarts and check them. I would recommend with 26,000 listings you monitor them but 26,000 would be a full time thing to do.

My GS is set to “relist with changes” and GS makes any changes to the listing I made while the previous listing was running BUT “relist with changes to photos and description” sounds the same to me. I haven’t tried “relist with changes to photos and description”

thank you for your help.

So did you enabled cancel and restart feature in bulk on all listings (also sold)? Otherwise I don’t understand why GS would have enabled the feature on old sold items… I will enable only from smart group set to show only listings with “global status is active”. This way I should prevent your trouble.

This would be impossible for me, I need to leave GS working on its own.

Yes I think it too. Maybe @ilja can tell us the difference .

The problem is when I start a new listing using “duplicate” on an old listing or using an old listing not running to post a new one. The feature clicked was never used in the first listing but it sits there clicked in the sold file. NOTE The “Restart” feature can not be checked until the listing is running and the “Ignore Inventory Quantity” box CANNOT be unchecked unless the listing is running. That is why I need the DEFAULT to be no check in the “Ignore Inventory Quantity” box

I need to watch the Quantity sold and this issue I have with “Ignore inventory Quantity”

Thanks for your feedback. So it sounds like all the matter is about the “Ignore inventory Quantity” checkbox checked. Why not having a smart folder to check if this option is on @ilja ? There is almost everything in smart folder… but not this one.

Uhm are you sure?

Prepared listings, YES. Ended or sold listings , NO. They are greyed out. Thanks fedge96 for your comment. I have now been able to remove the check mark on 483 prepared listings but I still have the checkmark on 6,400 ended or sold listings.

You have given me an idea. :bulb: I could convert all 6,400 my sold and ended listings to prepared so i can click “off” the box for “Ignore Inventory Quantity”. I’ll have to think about it and consider any negative consequences of such an action.

FYI… Last year I left GS running when I was away from home for 1 week on vacation. I had no access or any way to shut it down if there was a problem. There was no problem for that week

How about just duplicating them? That would preserver the sold item with the Ebay order.

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