Account name not showing in preferences

I have the latest beta. I have not been able to start a listing in many days. I updated my token this morning and at that time did not notice whether my username was showing or not. It recorded this morning’s date as token updated. However, my ebay username is not showing and all store categories have disappeared.

I am not able to start an auction even though I can run the verify and all says it is ok.

Can’t get anywhere!


Thank you.

oops - forgot to mention this: ran update token again to see if it would plug in my username. It did not - but GarageSale crashed - repeated a couple of time - always crashes now.


your eBay account name should show up in the GarageSale preferences > Account.
However, maybe there’s an issue with the token for any reason. Please give the latest beta version of GarageSale 7.4 a try:

By the way: To download your store categories click the “Update accuont details” button in the GarageSale preferences > Account > eBay.

Regards, Kristian


I did a “check for updates” and here is the version of GarageSale that I was using:

GarageSale 7.0.3 (775) is currently the newest version available.

I downloaded from the link you sent, installed, updated the token and my name now shows up in preferences. I’m updated my store categories and was finally able to list an item.

I hope all these problems are now history because I’ve been out of commission with GarageSale for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for your help.



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