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Using GarageSale Version 7.0.14b5 (834), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1314)

What is “special” about the “Default” account??? When is the “Default” account used??? Why is there a “Default” account??? In both the Preferences window and the Accounts window lists, “(Default)” is shown. And how do I set/change this Default account?

  1. The Lifetime Positive Feedback is 12,552. Does not show complete number.

Accounts Window 1

  1. The Negative and Neutral Numbers shown must be for the LIFETIME of the account??? eBay web site only shows last 12 months.

Accounts Window 2

  1. Open Account window and click on my Default account. I get the spinning pizza.
    BUG: Window AND Application are “blocked” for 30 seconds! Generating Report icon is NOT animating.
    OK: Then after 30 seconds, the Generating Report icon starts animating and it takes a couple minutes to actually generate the report.
    The “blocking” happens every time I switch back to my Default account in this window.

Accounts Window spindump (806.8 KB)
Accounts Window spindump (369.8 KB)
Accounts Window spindump (360.7 KB)
Accounts Window (14.8 KB)
Accounts Window (19.9 KB)
Accounts Window (1.2 MB)

  1. If the “Show my eBay messages” is NOT checked for an Account in the Preferences window, the Messages pane should not show any Messages nor the red # messages badge icon.

Maybe, this is why the window blocks when selecting the account??? Is it downloading the eBay Messages???

Accounts Window 3
Accounts Window 4

  1. If the “Update Messages: Never” is selected in the Preferences window, the Messages pane should not save nor show any Messages.

Accounts Window 5
Accounts Window 6

  1. If NO Accounts are selected in the Accounts window, should the Messages pane show zero 0 Messages in the red # messages badge icon? Now, it shows the total messages for all accounts???

Accounts Window 7

  1. When multiple Accounts are Enabled, these 4 lists should show all enabled accounts in same order (alphabetical?, Default at top?):
    A. Preferences window
    B. Accounts window
    C. All 3 “Start Listing…” popup menus
    D. Both “New Event from Selected Listing…” popup menus


Accounts Window 11

Accounts Window 12

Accounts Window 13

Accounts Window 14

Accounts Window 15

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