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I’ve read the instructions on how to bulk revise my listings and they are too vague. I created a smart group with all my listings, highlighted them all and attempted to use the “revise listings” command from the “more” menu on the toolbar.

That’s as far as your directions take me, from there I cannot find any instruction.

When I click on “revise listings” I get is a dropdown menu that asks me if I want to “Revise Selected Properties Only” and under that is a menu of options I can check. The only one that seems applicable is “ebay images”.

So I’m almost there but for missing information from your instructions. Please fill me in.

I should add when I try to use “Repair Image Links” under “Listings”, it replies with “No Listings Were Updated”.

That’s fine. The “Repair Image Links” is only used for http image links you manually inserted into your listing description! Image links added to your description automatically by GarageSale get fixed automatically when invoking the “Revise” command!

In the Revise panel you’re on the safe side if you select “Revise entire listing”. If needed, please see the video tutorial here (video #8) how to revise a listing:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, my active content issues are all now fixed. Unfortunately, all the markdowns I have done on the ebay site are all erased, and all my listing reflect the original pricing I launched them with, so that’s really not good.

I’m guessing this was preventable, and probably by something I should’ve been doing all along.

Can I force GS to retrieve current prices of all of my active listings on eBay and update the listing records in GS to reflect the price reductions I make on the eBay site?

I’ve just noticed there are 60-ish active listings out of 700+ that are not showing up at all in my GS program, even though all of my listings are created on GS.

That’s really strange. Simply revising an item with GarageSale shouldn’t interfere with any promotional sale settings that item is active in. GarageSale doesn’t even support that part of the eBay API, but maybe revising the listing price back to its original value has this unwanted side effect. I don’t think there’s much you could have done to prevent this.

Unfortunately not yet. That feature is on our to do list for GS 8.

If these listings don’t show up when searching for their listing id, your best option is to use the “Import from My eBay” option to get them back. :frowning:

Revising listings with promotional sales activated on ebay always “delete” the promotion for those listings, that’s because, as you correctly noticed, you actually “revise” also the price. The only way to avoid it seems to revise not the entire listings but choosing each feature to revise one by one and not selecting the price folder. I hope it makes sense.

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Yes, thanks fedege96, that makes sense. Too bad IWC staff didn’t offer that advice earlier - has created a ton of work for me. Even when Imported the handful of listings that inexplicably weren’t showing in my GS program, I still had to go in to eBay and revise the http / https because the info populated GS with a bunch of uncorrectable errors (shipping options, etc).

Anyway, all seems to be resolved. Thanks for the help.

Welcome @atomiktoy :slight_smile: !

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