Active Listing On ebay Shows As Not listed On GS

Ok, This is a new one on me. I have an active listing on ebay that shows as not yet listed in GS ( Gray dash border)I went to list it in GS and it says that it is a possible duplicate listing, which it would be if I actually started it again.

How did this happen and how do I make the listing show as active in GS? I already tried to restart GS while holding down the Control Key, thinking I had an orphaned listing somewhere, but nothing showed up. I have searched using the search box and it does not show up. What am I missing?

Well I jumped the gun on this one. I just realized I wrote over the original listing with a new listing, so my question is now what do I do to fix the original as I have already written over it. Can I import the correct listing from ebay into GS and then delete the one I edited by mistake?

Yes. Under the File menu use Import - From My eBay. Select the listing in question and it will reappear in GS.

Thanks Steve. I will do that tomorrow, obviously I shouldn’t be doing any listing tonight.

Instead of importing the listing from eBay this method might work better for you:
There’s a way to “link” a listing in GarageSale with an active listing from eBay.

To do this invoke the “Import from eBay” command. Don’t import any listing there, just drag the desired listing from the “Import from eBay” panel to the arrow icon next to the Item Number field in the Live inspector to link listings in GarageSale with listings on eBay.

This animation shows how to do it:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian, I appreciate the help.

Unfortunately, when one has 10,000+ listings, using this approach is impractical. Takes forever. As I have suggested previously, why not let the user select the “Live tab” and then on the Status panel, enter the eBay Item number? This seems to be a very straight forward logical solution, am I missing something?

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