Active listings won't load to GS 7 upgrade

First off, I’m IT challenged.

I’ve been using GS6 for only a few weeks. I then did a free trial of GS7 a week ago and bought the upgrade today.
All of my ‘free trial’ info is there, but none of my active listings are loaded.

Please help. Using ‘internet for dummies’ language. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When you got to the Preferences Panel in GarageSale 7, and select the Accounts tab, are there any active eBay accounts listed?

My eBay user name is in the left column. Same tab: these boxes were already ticked: to enable ebay account and to update token and access.

GarageSale 7 does not import your listings, that were created by using the eBay website or other tools, automatically. To see those listings, you need to invoke the “Import From my eBay” from the “File” menu.

Thank you SO MUCH!
I had tried this method before, but, nothing immediately appeared in that window, so I thought that something was wrong. Apparently, I wasn’t waiting long enough for listing to load into that window.
Thanks again.MJ

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