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How do I get rid of this annoying new feature 'Updating auction for…" in Activity Viewer? It appears when I close GS. I cannot shut down the Mac until it is completed and it’s getting on my nerves. Surely it should be doing this task while I am active on GS, not as I want to quit and get on with something else! Apparently its a scheduled operation which I want to turn off.

It seems we are in the same boat

@ilja Agree with this.

There’s must be a better solution.

We’re not debugging, we are using the app.

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I am regularly handling 2000+ listings and this locks me for literally close to an hour at a time.

It seems like the system is doing exactly the same task every time I use GS. It says updating auction, but you can do this manually via ‘Update All Listings’ in the menu. It use to do these tasks in the background automatically as soon as you start up GS.

I currently have 480 pages of API results, and I was intending on doubling that before the end of the month.

This is now impossible to use. Every time I open GS7.0.6, those start updating. Every time I select 500 of my listings, 500 additional verifications start again. GS has beach-balled and crashed five times in a row now.

Before, I could at least quit the app before the updates had completed. Super annoying.

This is my pain too. With almost 3000 listing it takes a lot more than one hour before closing. @ilja said to disable the update option in preferences>orders>updated every … (tick never and do it manually clicking on the wheel). Try this, to be honest I didn’t do it because I need it synchronize always my listing. If I need to prepare orders and manually refresh them, it requires hours before seeing the new orders and it is not possible for me… so I just never switch off…

Slowing down the “update orders” preference does not stop GS from verifying listings every time you simply click on them.

Did you set never or more time between each refresh?

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