Actual Shipping Cost on Database Import GS7 Beta

Is there a way to retain the actual shipping costs of auction items that have been completed? I have noticed that every time I import a new GS 6 database, I have to go through all of the prior auctions, and re-insert the actual shipping costs, and some of the "Item Cost’ entries. Is there a way around this?

Thanks for reporting. We’ll try to replicate this at our place.

Thanks, I appreciate that. Remember, there¹s always a chance this is a
³user error², or as sometimes called, an ³ID10T² error… :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

I double checked that both, the item costs of listings (formerly known as templates) and orders (formerly known as transactions in auctions) are copied over. Maybe you can make screenshots or even a screencast) of the value in GS6 and then of the missing value in GS7?


I will have to wait until I can capture that, I have gone through and
entered all of the shipping costs in GS7, so next time that I have it arise,
I will do this.

I have noticed yet another anolomy, and just verified it. I am using GS7, Beta 18, and the actual cost of shipping is not saved. More specifically, in all of my previous sold items, there is no value in “Actual Cost of Shipping”. I just finished putting in about 20 of them, as a test, (I had gone through all of the listings before, and was noticing that the cost is no longer there.) To insure that it’s not just new listings that I’ve forgot to put the cost in, I re-entered the ACTUAL shipping cost with the pop-up, (the down arrow next to the item/price extension), and went on. I noticed that the “SAVE” function on “FILE” menu is not accessable. I then quit GS, then re-opened it, and all of the previously entered values for Actual Shipping are no longer there.

Hi All,

I lost the shipping for all my auctions, too.
I will have to re-enter (weight, height, width, etc) again.
Luckily I keep all of this information within listing itself.

This POSSIBLY happened (I first notice it) after a fix to the “Domestic Handling Fee”

Thank you.

I Just noticed that if I go to ³Garage Sale ->Quit Garage Sale², the items
are not saved upon exit. However, if I go to ³File ->Close², some are
saved. I just tested it with the first 6 items in my sold list, and the
first 3 were saved, however those after that weren¹t. I was trying to
conscientiously put in the shipping cost, then TAB to move the cursor to
another field, and then go to the next item. However, I¹m not positive I
did that on all of the listings, I have an appointment, so am out of time at
the moment, and will try to replicate the error when I return. Hope this
might give a hint as to how to narrow down the problem.

Thanks. We we’l look into fixing this.