Actual Shipping Costs in Orders Tab

In the Orders tab, I see the amount we charge for shipping is auto populated. So is the mailing service we use and the tracking number as we handle shipping directly from eBay’s interface. However, the actual shipping cost is not being populated into the Orders tab, nor is any insurance amounts.

Why is the program able to auto populate the shipping provider and tracking info but not the shipping fees and insurance?

Where did you enter the actual shipping and insurance amounts? On the eBay website when processing your order?

We never enter it at all. We use eBay’s website interface to calculate and print shipping labels and packing ships. Since GS takes the USPS tracking numbers from eBay, why can’t it also take the shipping cost and insurance information as well?

I sent you a link that once clicked will make GarageSale send the data it receives from eBay to us. This way I can see what fields (if eBay does that at all) are used to transmit actual shipping and insurance fee.

Could you also let me know the name of a sold item where you see actual shipping and insurance amounts on the eBay website for?

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