Actual Shipping field cleared after 9.1

Every item I’ve sold since 10/21 the actual shipping field has been cleared. I tried to add the amounts back in and while they look like they take and stay persistent while on the orders view as soon as I change views to listings or reports the field gets cleared again, bug?

After some more analysis it looks like if I charged shipping and the actual is filled in with the shipping charge, I can then change it and the change will stick. But if I has free shipping on the item that’s when the field will not take a value.

Thank you for your feedback. This issue should be fixed in this updated version:

Please let us know how it works for you.

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I loaded the 9.1.1a4 and the issue still exists. I can do a screen recording if that will help

Thank You

A short screen recording would be helpful, thank you.

Are you saying that you still can reproduce the bug you described above?

yes same results as before I’ve attached a screen capture
Screen Recording 2022-11-03 at 8.36.19 AM (7.6 MB)

Thank you for making the video!
I initially thought that you are referring to the “Actual shipping” field in the Inspector but now it turns out you are referring to the field in the PopOver.
However, I tried but I was not able to reproduce the issue with 9.1.1a4. Even if I switch to another section, the changed actual shipping cost is still there.

Ah, wait - it only happens with Orders that have no “Shipping Cost”, right? I can reproduce it then.

correct that when it happens, when I sell something with free shipping.

The issue with the Actual Shipping field in the “Ordered Items” Popover should be fixed now, too. Please give this new version a try:

Confirmed now working. Thanks!

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Does this update support 24 photos?

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