Add shipping weight?

I’m trying to find where to enter a shipping weight in GS, I use a flat rate for postage but can’t see anywhere in the shipping options to enter the weight. Any ideas?

You need to be in CALCULATED to enter weight. It doesn’t matter in FLAT, because you are charging a flat rate whatever the weight.

I’ve changed it to calculated but all that does is grey out my postage options and nowhere to enter the shipping weight.

Can you post a screenshot of that?

Here you go:

In ADVANCED, do you have a location set?

I do yes, both the eBay Site and Location are filled.

If you click or hover here, do you get any options?

No, nothing appears when I click or hover.

Is calculated shipping on option available on the eBay UK website?

My guess is it’s not, and GarageSale shouldn’t display the popup for UK listings at all.

You can only enter weight when you click the international tab when editing.

Is it because ‘Free’ is checked?

I’ve unchecked free and didn’t make any difference. Tried the international tab and still no luck.

The drop down menu
has to say “calculated” and only if the tab international is open.

Still doesn’t work. I guess I can’t do it then, must be something specific to certain eBay stores.

A glitch that GS should take a peek at? I mentioned before about having to go to the international tab to enter weight when the domestic is flat but no change was made.

As a non-UK citizen, can you let me know why you want to the weight in the first place?

Has it to do with international shipping?

I’ve connected my eBay account with Royal Mail’s Click and Drop shipping service, it imports your eBay sales and can automatically apply the correct postage prior to you printing shipping labels. I’ve managed to get it to import the eBay orders and assign the correct postage but it can’t calculate the actual amount to charge for each item because it can’t detect the weight of the item. I’ve never normally had reason to enter the weight for my items so was trying to see if I could do this in GS rather than have to go through the eBay interface.

Thanks for the information, so eBay UK does not support calculated shipping (at least that’s how I read it), but they let you input the package information (used on other eBay sites for calculated shipping) to facilitate third parties to act on that data.

Let’s see how can enable that scenario in GarageSale without breaking too much other stuff. :thinking:

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