Add TextBlock script


I need to add some text to the bottom of a bunch of templates and I had the idea to create a TextBlock and use a script to bulk insert it at the bottom of the item description. I see there is a built in scrip to add an image to a group of templates - is something similar possible with a TextBlock?



Ho Rov,

wouldn’t it be easier to simply use the footer field for that?
GarageSale preferences>Advanced

If not maybe you can try the batch find feature? (Edit menu>Search)

Regards, Kristian

OK, thanks. I was not aware of the footer field!

While you can use the footer field, it’s limited - but if you sell different categories of products , you’re on the right track with the text blocks which is very powerful and I use it for things like monthly specials and shipping information that I periodically have to update due to postal service charges going up. Apologies if I’m being too obvious :wink: When I figured out how to use text blocks , it was heaven sent.