Adding a favorites section to select our most used page designs

Is there a way to add a section titled say, “FAVORITES” where we can put our favorite 4-5 designs so we easily access them?

Is there a work around that I’m not familiar with too to achieve this?

Thanks so much!

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to create a new keyword you’d need to modify all your favorite designs with the Design Utility. You can add a keyword in the “General” section of the DU.

However, maybe this already works for you for you:
Select “Show Design Templates” from GarageSale’s Window menu.
In that window hit cmd-a to select all design, then disable them all by un-selecting a checkbox of one of the designs. Next, select the checkboxes of your favorite designs.

Regards, Kristian

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OMG, that was too easy. Thank you! That is what I was looking for. Thanks Kristian!

This is why I read these user forum pages. I have been wanting this feature for years! This is a super feature I didn’t know was available. I did ask about it previously by never found any info on it.

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