Adding logo to store design

Hello. New user (GS7). I’ve purchased the Mainstream Pro design and I’m having trouble placing my logo into the template within properties.

I have the following selected:
Store logo = auto (have also selected ‘no’).
Store URL =

I cannot get the image to show; it remains a colored box.
I’m just learning how to use this application. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.
I didn’t find the applicable instructions within the user manual.

Sorry, our designer @kristian has already stopped working for today. He’ll get back with you tomorrow.

Hi heather,

you can’t use that URL to your Google drive cloud service. It’s not a link to the image but a link to a google drive website showing your image. If you open it in Safari you’ll see what I mean.
You could try it with this URL on your own risk:

However, it’s highly recommened to not use a cloud service to host your website images. Better use your own server or webspace to “host” your images.

Regards, Kristian

So every user that wants to place store logo into a Pro Design template needs to host their own image?

Isn’t there another way to do this? To create a design template with the store logo permanently embedded within?

I think it would be useful too. Now my logo is stored in tinypic but an embedded one would be much safer…

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