Adding paypal address to listing

i just upgraded my Garage sale software to this version 7.0.18 (854) and it wont recognized my PayPal address that i am trying to use in my first listing to eBay. I have followed the instruction on where to put my paypal address but it keeps giving me an error. please help

Hi jaaaysunn,

I just replied to your request through our support channel, too.

If this issue occures after an upgrade it might have to do with your eBay access token, too.
Often refreshing the eBay access token and restarting your Mac already helps. If not, it might be needed to remove the token from the system’s Keychain application. I can provide you with further instructions but please give the refresh and restart a try first.

Regards, Kristian

I did the refreshing my token and I already restarted my computer several times. I think I need the system’s Keychain application removal instructions part. Thank you

Maybe it’s not needed to remove the eBay token from the Keychain.
Please give this a try first:

Close GarageSale.

Open the “Keychain Access” application. It’s located under Applications > Utilities.

In the Keychain application search for “ebay token”.

If found, right-click on the ebay token entry and select “Information”.

In the Information window click on the “Access” tab.

In the Access tab give GarageSale 8 access by adding to the list (click on the plus icon and select GarageSale 8).
To do this you probably need to enter your user password.

Please let me know if that does the trick.

Regards, Kristian

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