Adding Weights to product with Business Policy

I use Business policies and have them set to use eBay 500gm satchels.
My issue is that I want to use a shipping integration application
and it needs weights on the products.

The business policy has not option for weights on a 500gm eBay satchel
so what are my options?

In GarageSale 7, you need to open the Shipping options panel and enter the weight there. If you are a using shipping policy, this weight will get posted to eBay.

I have to take them off the business policy first as the weight option is greyed.

Then add the weight and add back the business policy?

To be a real pain, can the weights be added to the product inventory so I can import
my 1000 items and have the weight applied?

That’s strange. Which version of GaragSale are you on? I can always change the weight (by clicking “Letter” in the attached screenshot) when a shipping policy gets applied:

Unfortunately not yet. Do all your items weight the same?

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