Adding youtube video

I can’t add my youtube video as before I upgraded to Garagesale 7. After duplicating the listing, the video is not there and I can’t put it back.

Although your problem may have to do with the upgrade I wanted to post this link in case you or others were not aware about how videos must be posted in the near future in regards to eBay’s active content ban.

Hi Piers,

I just tried it here in GarageSale 7.0.4 and duplicated a listing that contains a video. The duplicated listing displayed the video without issue.
Can you describe your issue more specific?

Did you add the video using the “Edit Video” command from the Listing menu?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for pointing me towards this info. I didn’t realise this change was coming - it makes my issue irrelevant!

Yes I did use “edit video”. Out of 3 previous listings that I duplicated, then re-listed, 2 listed without the video.

After reading the info that devilsadvocate pointed me to, I won’t be including video in my listings from now on.

Thanks for your help,


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