Another "Create a Seller Account" issue - SOLVED

I’m a long time eBay and GS user, but my usage is generally a burst of items in a short period with a long period of inactivity. Today I wanted to start selling again, and I upgraded GS 6 to 8.36 (1292) on 11.3.1. I created my listing and noticed the error that I need to create a seller account. I’ve had my account for many years, and in fact can click on “Seller Account” in my profile which takes me to an active seller account.

I’ve tried deleting my credentials, restarting GS, and re-authorizing eBay, but it still fails. First I get the error that I need to enter my PayPal address, and then I get the error about needing to create an account, as well as the warning about Paypal and managed payments.

I contacted eBay support who told me how to create an account. I told the agent twice that I have an active account and don’t need to create a new one. Their response was basically “yes, you need to create an account because you don’t have one.” I went in circles with them a few rounds before giving up.

I’m stumped. What’s the way forward?

I figured out the answer. I gave up on GS and decided to list the item on the website. After entering all of the required details and pressing “List Item,” eBay took me to a page where they said “we need to verify your information before proceeding.” I had to verify the info eBay already had on file, and then I was returned to the listing. After that, the error went away in GS, and the listing was available. However, it was $0.55 to list while eBay was free. I’m now researching that discrepancy, but at least my initial issue was resolved.

Thank you for your feedback. Glad to hear you was able to solve this issue.

Was this the fee shown in GarageSale?
The listing fee display is only a forecast(!) provided by the eBay system. ebay does not pass the actual fees back to GS in the API, e.g. special promotions. All GS gets is the “normal” ebay fee information passed back to it.

If unsure, look in “my ebay” sellers account just to check what eBay charge you (or didn’t charge you).

Regards, Kristian

Kristian is correct.
The figure in GS Is only a standard fee. I see it all the time yet I know I can list 250,000 items without any fees. Just ignore it.

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