Any news on Mac OS Ventura and Garagesale Pro?

Tempted to update my M1 Mac Mini but am wondering if there will be issues with the latest GarageSale Pro software.

GarageSale 9 seems to run fine under macOS Ventura a. So far we didn’t experience any problems with GarageSale 9 under Ventura and also didn’t get any bug reports from customers.

If you should discover any issues, please let us know.

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I’m good here, but some of my scripts are at risk because I installed Ventura before Xcode 14.1 was released. If you are a dev or you use homebrew or macports for any CLI work (including scripting or CLI library management, including Ruby) stuff might break (or might not) but the dependencies will not be upgradeable until Xcode 14.1 is released in… a couple of days?

But GarageSale has been doing great so far here. Seems a little faster maybe?

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Thanks for your thoughts and experience. I’m not highly technical at it but tend to figure things out by exploring. GarageSale has always worked fine for my purposes. I may give it a week or so before upgrading my Mac.
Best Always,

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