Any possible integration with newsletter services?

during these days I am trying to implement a missing feature in GS which is integration with a newsletter service. I discovered that already exists API integration thought website like Zapier to newsletter site, however they work very bad (let’s say almost don’t work at all) and I am not sure they will fix their bugs in a decent time. So I start thinking if there is any other way or solutions I don’t know to bring a new customer data into newsletter automatically whenever a new order incomes in eBay. Is there any trick I am not aware of?
Thanks for any tip about it.


The bulk mailing service I used in the past (mailchimp, mailjet) allowed to setup recipient lists, which can be populated from CSV files.

Each time you before you are going to send out a mailing to your user-list, export all you orders from GS to a CSV file and import that CSV file into your mailing service. The mail service should de-duplicated e-mails and also keeps track of buyers who unsubscribed from your list since your last mailing.

Also keep in mind that there might be legal implications of sending e-mails to eBay buyers who have not specifically opted-in into receiving e-mails from you.

Thanks Ilja for the tip. Using old emails might give me some troubles, I know, this is why, since now, I will send a confirmation email as soon as an order incomes, so customers know immediately about the newsletter and they can leave. This is why I am looking for an automatic process to bring data into newsletter as soon as after the order is done. If buyer receive a confirmation email immediately, it is much better than weeks or month later. Manually doing such a work would be not sustainable.

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