Any way to sort listings by title?

I have hundreds of video games I am selling on eBay. I would love to find a way to automatically sort my listings by title. Right now I am doing it manually by dragging and dropping the listings in a particular group of games.

Is there any way you could add the function so if we go into a specific Group and select all of the listings then click on a keyboard shortcut or a link to SORT. I know it would save me a ton of work and help me remove duplicate listings.

Please try right clicking a group.

Fantastic…Who would have thought it could be so sweet…thanks, I was spending so much time doing this manually in G6…

Great way for me to delete duplicates and correct listings…Love it.

What am I missing, I don’t find this menu option anywhere?

In GarageSale 7 simply right-click on a group in the left outline view.

Regards, Kristian

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