Any way to trigger a search with Apple Script?

Is there any way to search within GS, triggered from another software? In my case, I want to search for something within GS (an auction title for example) using apple script or in any other way? I want to select a specific auction in GS from filemaker. In GS 6, I use a very odd way by GUI scripting, very slow, does not work every time as expected. Did something change in GS7 to do that easier?

Sorry, I think that’s not possible at the moment. I’ll add a ticket for you request to our to do list, but it won’t make it into the 7.0 final release, as our focus right now is on squashing the remaining bugs.

Is there a realistic chance that this might be possible in a 7.01 version or such? For me that would be definitely a thing I would need to wait to switch to GS7 - because its really a pain to find out how to script the GS GUI with Applescript again - I did that with GS6, but as it is very slow and a hard job to do the scripting, I would be glad not to have to do that with GS7 again… and when I decide to do so and a week later you release a GS 7.01 version with a search command for apple script I will bite my hand :slight_smile:

Another satisfying method would be: Is it possible to select a specific auction from an external program within GS7 through Apple Script? Each auction has its own unique ID, so it should be possible to store that (in my case in Filemaker). Then I would like to select that in GS to use that ID to select an auction (listing in case of GS7). Is that possible somehow?

Ok. We’ll cook something up for the next beta release.

That would be VERY nice :slight_smile:

Thanks - thats very nice from you :slight_smile: (Beta 48) I will try to test that Apple Script Commands as soon as I have time for that.