Anybody not an 'eBay Managed Payments' by now

Most new users are confused, because GarageSale still offers the ability to specify payment options, which are ignored when ‘eBay managed payments’ are enabled.

That’s why we want to remove the payment settings window from GarageSale.

However, we already tried this some months back, only to discover that eBay’s API still required a payment options from GarageSale – so we had rollback that change. It seems this specific limitation from eBay’s API is gone by now.

Before jumping the gun again, is there anybody who’s account is not on managed payments by now? Are there specific categories which still allow specific payment options at the listing level?

Thanks for your insights.

I’m on eBay Managed Payments, but… I still have the “Require Immediate Payment” checkbox on ALL my listings.

Not sure if it is still valid…

Also “Payment Instructions:” and “Payment profile:”???

Maybe, just remove the top portion of this window instead of the whole window???

See my window below:

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 4.04.57 PM

I have to choose a payment profile to do immediate payment. Auctions don’t allow immediate payments however and I have to have a profile set for auctions

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 5.29.29 PM
Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 5.33.59 PM

A window that could be moved is “returns” into the “shipping” window

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