Anyone here use more than 1 eBay account?

hiya! does anyone here use more than 1 ebay account? If so, how do you tell which item is on which account? bit worried as i havent looked at this before

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2 quick questions:

  1. Why have 2?
  2. I think it is against ebay rules?


1- I have 2 totally different niches so would like to keep branding separate etc…
2 - i spoke to ebay and they said - sellers can have multiple selling accounts. They can be used simultaneously

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Hmm… I didn’t know you could do that with ebay’s blessing. Some years ago they froze me for 7 days because of duplicate listings and they were very specific… Don’t start a new account to get around the duplicates rule. That’s likely the difference right there

Hiya! yeah its not duplicate… totally different items. :slight_smile:

No, not 2 accounts with the same items. I had items with exactly the same title in one account but all different pictures. They said that broke the rules.

Yes I believe the approved use case is “selling different things to different audiences with separate accounts”.

But I do know many booksellers who sell “discounted” books in one account, “fancy” ones in another, and commodities in a third. It helps them and their customers keep things straight, I think.

Also one could use a separate account for consignments, if you handle consigned items.


Does GS handle separate listings and keep separate account users?


you can see it in the inspector:

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 15.24.36

Or you can create a smart group, to auto-group the listings from one account:

Hope that helps!

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