Anyone know why my images display differently on same template

Is it because of size? I have the original template set to Large and thumbs 350 with 4 thumbs on top.

It’s narrow, which looks nice, but when I duplicate, all is well 'til I import the images, which are in fact larger. I can’t narrow it back like the master (I’m trying to make)


Is there a way to upload an screen shot?

Hi scoutshouse,

that’s hard to tell without seeing your screenshots. If you reply to this answer you can upload screenshots by clicking on the upload (arrow) button in the text format toolbar.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian -
I don’t have privileges to upload images :frowning:
It does look like the size is the issue…
The first template used images sized for the old ebay requirements 640x480
I have to downsize my 1028 down to 800 to get that slimmer look.
Anything above that size will push to the wider format.
Something I’ll have to work on.
Wish me luck, I’m just about to launch my first auctions in 2 years :smile: