Article condition not valid


I’m trying to upload two new auctions to ebay, but I keep getting the message, that the item condition has to be set. While researching that error, I found out that this might be related to an item category for which a condition is mandatory. I already tried refreshing my user token.

Thanks for your help


I think that’s just a follow up error. It seems that eBay thinks that your item belongs to another category and so changes the category (which now requires an item condition).

What you should try is to select another/the correct category. If you also select a condition then you should be fine.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, that might very well be that case. Is there any way to find out in which eBay wants me to put the item in?

Unfortunately, eBay doesn’t tell us. However, the network/router category should be fine, shouldn’t it?

Regards, Kristian

I thought so, too. But eBay begs to differ. Anyways, thanks for you help, I’ll just play around with it a bit then.

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