Auctionimages directory


I’d like to know how I could clean up the Auctionimages directory because it’s too big : 62Go and 239 126 files

I think my garagesale is slow because of that.

It keeps in memory all my pictures from the begining (3 years ago)
I’d like garagesale deletes pictures when I delete the model.

Do you have a solution ?

thank you

Sorry, I don’t have an immediate solution. My best advice is to wait for the upcoming GarageSale 7, due hopefully later this year. During migration GS 7 will only import images from GS6 that are actually used. Also, GS7 is a lot smarter about detecting when a image is no longer used, so you its image directory shouldn’t grow that big.

I have the same issue and my AuctionImages folder is over 9 MB. I am having a lot of crashing while doing anything with images. 2-10 crashes an hour. I am pretty sure it is related to this fat file. Is there any idea how long a wait until 7? And would it upset Garage Sale if I just manually deleted images I know are finished from this folder? Thanks, I appreciate how good Garage Sale is and the people who make it.

You are lucky. Mine is almost 3 GB. :wink:

I think if we really pushed for it, we could release before christmas - but we won’t do this because we don’t want to mess up our users’ holiday business.

GS7 has already come quite far. I’ll send you an invite so you can see if all the features you need are already there. If you figure, it’s not good enough for you yet, you can always switch back to version 6.

Can you please copy the details from the crash report and post it here so we can see what your particular issue is?

I think you’ll just get a warning that pictures are missing when you select listing templates. Better make sure you have current backup of your Mac before attempting manual deletion.

My AuctionImages folder is 45 GB in size, with 140,524 items! :smile:


Have you done a library conversion with the latest GS7 alpha to see how much of these are actually copied over?


I’d like to try the GS7, if you are sure all will be ok with my actual database… Now I’m 63,76Go


garageSale 7a10 took about 35 minutes to do the conversion.

gs6 AuctionImages Folder: 44.98GB, 140,524 items
gs7 ImageLibrary Folder: 22.88GB, 37,133 items

Yes, gs7 data is much smaller than gs6, and I guess I have nearly 100,000 orphaned image files in gs6…


Sorry for this oversight. :frowning:


where is the new image library folder ?

In your home directory at:

Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale


for me,
so GS6 : 63,88Go in 246 204 files

GS7 : 31,94Go in 60 207 files

Really nice of course…