Auctions not updating, not showing which items have sold

my auctions are not updating. i downloaded the new version, but it says "to install drag to the app folder…will this delete the version i have now and all the data? Does the new version fix the not updating problem? This is an issue for me, because when i realist auctions, i don’t want to resist items that have already sold. And if there is no distinction between sold and unsold, I can’t tell without going through 1000+ auctions. thanks

The templates are not updating to show sold vs not sold items, so when i relist from garagesale, i can’t tell which templates have sold items…they all look the same

Hi antiquehokie,

at first, please refresh your eBay token in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts.

Next please try to force-update the auction states. To do so hold down the alt key (option key), then click on the Auction menu and select “Redownload auction states…”.

Regarding updating your GarageSale version: Are you using the GarageSale app from the Mac App Store or the one from the GarageSale website?

Regards, Kristian