Auto cancelation and restart update

I have been using the auto cancel and restart feature since release of the feature. It works pretty good with a few quirks.
#1. If at any time during the running of a listing I update the listing to reflect a sold item, then when the cancel and restart process runs the sale is subtracted a second time by GS. Example, a listing with 10 items and 2 sales, would be 8 left. If the listing is left untouched during the running of the listing, then GS starts the relisted item with 8 which is correct and everything is great and works perfect. If during the running of the listing I correct the listing or make any revisions to reflect the quantity left on hand then the new listing will say 6. GS subtracts the sold items a second time.
#2. The newly created listing is automatically set to end and restart in 30 days. I would like to set that on my own. The way it is now I have to take it out by hand making more work to uncheck them after the new listing is running to prevent auto cancel and restart.
#3. If the item sells while it is checked to auto cancel I get a notice that there are not enough in stock which is correct and works well. However, I have to go in and uncheck the box for Automatic cancellation because it stays checked and stays in the smart group list. The automatic restart check box is deactivated and it would work better if the Automatic cancellation would as well so sold listings don’t show as set to auto cancel.

Other GS 8 note:
When relisting and there were sales and the checkbox for “Use quantity left as new quantity” the posted number is incorrect. This note should say “98” not 100 as 2 items have sold.

This listing started with 98 when the notice says it “will set its quantity to100”. The listing changes to 98 when finishing the upload. This happens on every relist when there was a sale.

Seems we go the logic wrong on this one. The whole point of this warning was to get the user the click the “Use quantity left…” checkbox. At this point it looks, as if it shouldn’t even be visible when the checkbox is clicked.

@ilja. The warning is ok it just has the wrong info. The old listing had 100, sold 2, new one relists with the checkbox for “Use quantity left as new quantity” checked, the quantity is 98, the number in the top right corner is correct. The sentence has wrong info. It should say “relisting the listing with the current settings will set it to 98.”

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