Auto fill item specifics (attributes)

When listing an item such as a DVD, CD, or book (or anything searchable in the Product Information popup) is there a reason why the data is not automatically copied into the Item Specifics/Attributes for a listing? This would be a HUGE timesaver when creating listings for items like this.

1 - I search for “Bridge on the river Kwai” in Product Information.
2 - I choose the correct match from the result set.
3 - Information copies into both Product Information AND Item Specifics/Attributes.

If I click the right-facing arrow next to Product Information an eBay page is displayed with the information. Why isn’t that information copied into Item Specifics/Attributes?

I see that it WILL automatically fill in the Title and select the Category. There’s a checkbox labeled “Include additional information” but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot find a way to get the data from one place to another automatically.

Thank you!

Originally there was no programmatic way to download the attributes for the selected product from eBay’s catalog into GarageSale. I suspect eBay was afraid competitors would download their entire catalog data for free.

However, there is a new beta API available on certain eBay sites that from its documentation looks like it might do exactly what you want. We’ll have to do some research to be sure first…


Hopefully it does as that would make listing items with extensive attributes orders of magnitude faster.

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