Automatic Cancellation Test


I tried this option today on a couple of 200 items and it successfully ended all of them without any intervention. I set the ending at 2 hours.
Just a couple of points to make.

  1. I had started all 200+ items at the same time so they all were due to end within a few minutes of each other. However, it must be faster to start 200+ items than it is too stop them because items were still showing listed on at 1 hour 56 minutes. I guess it would not be a good idea to sail too close to the wind.

  2. My Smart Group did not handle it too well. Or did it?

    Is this screen shot just pointing out to me that some items are ‘queued for stopping’?

A refresh then showed

Well done guys. A major step forward.


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Just a few more observations on this function.

  1. It works very well. Even if I stop and start GS it seems to pick up where it left off. There is also a warning when I stop GS to inform me that there are listings about to be stopped. I have only tried for 1 or 2 hours. Can I turn this off?

  2. Beware of items that have been listed but do not show as listed. You still need to use Ebay to keep your eye on listings that are about to end.

  1. It does appear to slow GS down but that is to be expected.

Otherwise. Very impressive.

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