Automatic Cancellations - I have a suspicion

I do not want not be a constant pain to the GS team, and I know I have flooded the Forum with lots of posts this week but I am still having issues with Auto Cancellation and Auto Restart. So I ran a little test.

Now, I must emphasise I cannot really prove my theory because there is not enough information in the Activity Viewer to confirm it, but the final status of the listings seem to back it up.
I am also talking very large numbers of listings.

It goes something like this.
I selected a very large number of ACTIVE items to check the restart setting. They all had restart selected. I added a few more until I found one that broke the rule. The checkbox turn from “√” to “-” .

I then ticked the restart check box to force all of them to restart and eventually the “√” appeared. I also selected Move Original “Deleted Listings”.

I noticed that GS started verifying them all so I selected a few thousand more to send Activity Viewer into a frenzy.

Some time later I check items that were due to be cancelled during the verification that was occurring and I found that, in at least those instances I could see before they scrolled out of the Activity Window, the listings had not been auto-cancelled.

This leads me to believe that.

  1. GS is verifying Active listings under this process. As I have said in the past, I think verification process is best suited to the actual listing process and not to items that have been verified once and listed successfully.

I know changes can be made to ACTIVE listings but maybe verifying 1000s for a couple of changes is not the most efficient process. Any changes that a user makes can be verified by the user if desired.

  1. It seems that a very large verification list is interfering with the auto-cancel process.

As I said, it is very hard for me to be 100% confident in my statement due to lack of information. I can only do it by switching into different windows and screen capturing.


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