Best drive path for photo library in GarageSale

I’m not actually sure I’m asking the correct question. I finding the newest version lagging.

ALSO > I can no longer see my thumbnails when choosing a specific set of templates, which I just read is a Mac issue. I have 10.10.5 and need 10.11, that I can’t download…because of the age of the system.

I’m wondering if there is a specific for photo library drive paths in GS? I’m having up to a 2 minute load time any time I click on auction or templates within GS.
I do have an external HD:
1 TB capacity

I’m running on an older version iMac:
OS X Yosemite, Version 10.10.5

iMac (20-inch, Early 2009)
Processor - 2.66 GHz Intel Core Duo
Memory - 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Startup Disk - Mac HD
Graphics - NVDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB

Mac HD Storage: I have 228.63 GB free of 319.21 GB SATA Disk

I don’t use iPhoto for my auction photos. At the moment I have this path for my auction photos >
Mac HD > Users > my name > Pictures > For Sale

Thx for any help VC


more RAM would help a lot (2 GB is the minimum for the operation system alone I think). And a SSD replacement for the SATA Disk would be the next step for much more performance.


Wow, 2 minutes is really bad. Is this only in Preview mode, or in Editor mode, too?

Since your Mac isn’t supported by the latest MacOS anymore, my advise would be to build to replace it with a newer machine. Depending on your budget, I suggest you go at least with iMac Late 2009 and at least 8GB of RAM:

I would love to get a new computer, not possible at this time. Can I uninstall update safely? I’m not using Macs TimeMachine :grimacing: I back up to my external hard drive.

Do you want to go back to GarageSale 6?

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Yes, I believe I do. I have no way to view thumbnails any longer when going to my personal templates folders. I am having trouble figuring out why when I update eBay auctions, it is bringing ALL auctions in, so I then have to go through and delete doubles…I am not wanting a new leaning curve actually. It seems to make my selling twice as much work. I can’t tell what’s on auction, what’s not. The highlighted is a given but, not sure about outlined icons? Maybe I’m doing it all wrong. VC

In that case you can just stop using GS 7 and start using GS 6 again. GS 6 is not effected by anything you have been in doing in GS 7.

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