Best way to sort by shipping weight for active listings?

I want to ask the community knowledge base a question. I would like to modify the shipping for items that are under 1lb. I would like to search the active listings and for those that match I plan to make the changes. I want to do this in Garage Sale, any ideas on how best to do this? The manual was not a help (or I did not know where to look), and export to CSV does not seem to include the field I need.

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I still need the information, I don’t want the topic to close.

It’s easy to create a smart group that filters all active listing but there’s no smart group rule to filter for shipping options, e.g. shipping weight. I am afraid there’s currently no way to sort listings by shipping weight, sorry.
More about smart groups:

Do you maybe use a specific shipping profile for listings that are under 1lb?

Regards, Kristian

You can easily achieve this using AppleScript. Here is an example script that will change every listing in GarageSale from 5lbs to 12lbs:

tell application "GarageSale"
repeat with myListing in ebay listings
	if use calculated shipping of shipping option of myListing is true then
		set myPounds to major weight of shipping option of myListing
		set myOunces to minor weight of shipping option of myListing
		if myPounds > 5 then
			set major weight of shipping option of myListing to 12
		end if
	end if
end repeat
end tell

Thanks – I’ve not used Apple Script before, is it possible to tell Garage Sale to move the items to a specific Group? I need to make a series of manual changes to all the items in that Group.


You could also use “get selected ebay listings”, rather than all “ebay listings”

repeat with myListing in (get selected ebay listings) – every ebay listing

end repeat


Neal, what is the difference between “get selected ebay listings” and “ebay listings”? Also, I want to move the listings to a group. What is the correct syntax for the move?

“get selected ebay listings” will perform the actions on the “currently selected” listings in the app.

“ebay listings” or “every ebay listing” will perform the actions on ALL listings in the app.


Thanks for the help.

Ilja/Neal, I started with the example and got this:

That’s odd. Two possible explanations:

  1. You have several version of GarageSale on your Mac, and the Script Editor prefers an older GarageSale version with a set of different AppleScript commands.
    If you choose “File” > “Open Dictionary” in the AppleScript Editor, how many instances of GarageSale do you see there.

  2. GarageSale is not correctly installed on your Mac. Is GarageSale in your Applications folder?

I rebooted and all is fine now. Must be a MacOS beta issue, I am running 11.3 Beta, I will try again using the latest MacOS beta that I plan to install tonight.

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