BUG: Best Offer glitch

I am just beginning to use ‘Best Offer’ in some listings. I noticed today that when I accept an offer from a buyer - thus ending the listing and creating a sale or order, the Orders section in GS7 does not indicate I am waiting for payment before the buyer makes his/her payment. There is no indicator that an order is in process. I would think if payment has not been made, this would fall under “waiting for payment”.

In one of the two offers accepted today, the first one item or sale did not show in the Orders section until the payment was already made. Another offer was accepted on a different item today and the buyer has not yet paid. There is no record in Orders that I am waiting for payment. I believe both of these sales should show in “waiting for payment” in that my acceptance of the offer is a binding agreement and therefore I am just awaiting payment.

I have tried refreshing GS7 and I still see the same information in the Orders section.

Check if the item is still listed - it might be like a BUY IT NOW - if a buyer puts it in his cart but doesn’t pay, the item is still listed and available - it’s not until the deal is done that it is recorded as a sale…


Thanks for the input, Pete. No, this was not a straight forward Buy It Now situation - rather, it was a pay this price or make me an offer kind of deal. In both cases, I accepted the buyer’s offer and received an email notification from eBay indicating the listing had ended, buyer just needs to pay… that kind of scenario. When the buyer’s offer is accepted, the listing is ended and the sale has been made. It should be reflected as an order in GarageSale at that point.

Update: As of this evening the ‘Best Offer’ sale of a completed but unpaid item is still not shown in “Waiting for Payment” within GS7.

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