Bug: doubled orders when buyers buy more items in more days

this is a long time bug that I forgot to report. When a buyer buys multiple items, some today, some tomorrow, others next days and so on, when you regularly update invoices from ebay site to merge all purchases into a unique order, GS keeps doubling orders. GS keeps the old order and a new one with updated items appears, so you have to manually delete the old one and keep the last. Is somehow possible to fix this bug?

Thank you

@ilja I am having several troubles as consequence of this issue. When I delete doubled orders, sometimes also the original one disappears and does not show in the smart folder for orders ready to ship and so I don’t ship the sold items. In particular, I am having this issue with customers who purchased items from 2 different ebay sites. I cannot merge into a unique invoice sold items that were listed in different ebay sites (in my situation, ebay Italy and Germany). This brings to have 2 separated orders, one for those items sold on ebay IT and another one for item sold on ebay DE. Sometimes, one order of these two does not show in smart folder because it is in the trash. I really need a fix for this bug because I risk to not ship sold items to customers.

I don’t have any idea how this “combined invoices” feature is represented via the API, if it is reflected there at all.

Maybe there is a hint in the XML communication. Could you please restart GarageSale and enter ‘EiM3eo’ as remote logging identifier, and update your orders in GarageSale, so we get a log of the Order XML from eBay.

Also, can you please let me know the order and item id of the orders involved.

@ilja just did. Please check if everything is received correctly. Here are two examples for each ebay site I am selling in. Maybe does the bug depend on the fact that ebay generates a new different ID number when the order is updated combining further purchases? Please check and let me know when you can.

Thank you

ebay Italy site

ID order (before updating) 292818974019

ID order (after updating) 292988172019

Items included (before updating) 284993984871, 284993999178

Items included (after updating) 284993984871, 284993999178, 285001899492

ID order (before updating) 292966342019

ID order (after updating) 292988295019

Items included (before updating) 284999532072, 285000669327, 285001910781, 285001922787

Items included (after updating) 284999532072, 285000669327, 285001910781, 285001922787, 285003023020

ebay Germany site

ID order (before updating) 292881932019

ID order (after updating) 292988458019

Items included (before updating) 284996219022, 284997212513

Items included (after updating) 284996219022, 284997212513, 285003038827

ID order (before updating) 292966649019

ID order (after updating) 292988478019

Items included (before updating) 284995128829, 284995170991, 284996145224, 284996152502, 284998462696, 284998479228, 285000682578, 285001903669

Items included (after updating) 284995128829, 284995170991, 284996145224, 284996152502, 284998462696, 284998479228, 285000682578, 285001903669, 285003019191

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