Bug in searching engine

I have a new bug for you.
I am searching for “ABC”, I type it and I find it, but there are many different listing with ABC, so I pick the option “only perfect correspondence”… no results. It is the same for every word I write, if I mark that option it does not work and find anything…

Is this problem only for me? :expressionless:

Seems to work fine for me (GarageSale 7 beta 49).
Do you have “All fields” selected in the search options?

Regards, Kristian

Well, to be honest, I have discovered that this matter is only if I look for a code (for example A1). Similar codes are in each listing’s title and each code is unique. If I type the code (“all fields” or " title" doesn’t change) and then I select “exactly correspondences” I have no result. While if I do the same without selecting “exactly correspondences” it works, but I find also (to give some examples) those listings with “AA11” or “ABC123” (it is not an exactly correspondence).
@kristian Tell me if you need any better explanation, and thank you for your help.

I guess that e.g. “AA11” can only be found with “show exact matches only” enabled in the search field, if the title only contains “AA11”. Doesn’t this make sense?

Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,
it makes sense of course, but it happens the exactly contrary :grin: if I look for “AA11” I can find it only if I disable the “exact matches” field…

That’s what I was trying to say :slight_smile:
Regards, Kristian

Aaah :grin: sorry…