Bug object conditions

Hello, I try to sell an item but the system “correctly” blocks the process .
condition of the object necessary.
However, the conditions window is blocked.

I can send the screen video

This happens sometimes when the categories have been updated online but not synced locally.

Here’s what I do to fix it:

  1. select a single listing that has the problem
  2. click the Category 1 selector for the listing, and under the gear menu select “Update Categories”
  3. wait for it to be done
  4. change the category of the listing to something else briefly
  5. change the category back to the desired one

It seems as though eBay changes the requirements in very odd ways sometimes, and when you first click the Category 1 dialog you will see a list, along the bottom of the window, of the required attributes, labeled something like Category 280 supports: .... For whatever reason, the local description of the category has “lost” the “Condition” entry own that list. Which is weird.

But this process does fix it.

great it works!

Thank you

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