Bug with quantity feature when revising only description

I have just discovered a very problematic issue with the new quantity feature.
If you select a listing with quantity = 5 in GS, quantity sold = 2 (so 3 remaining in eBay) and you invoke “revise only selected properties” and select “description” (I don’t know if happens also with others), GS automatically put 0 (ZERO!!) in GS quantity. Please check and… @rlmartin attention!!
Moreover, when the GS quantity is set to zero, the little shop icon right side of title disappear.
Let me know @ilja.


I get a notice from GS when the quantity is 0 and GS doesn’t start the listing. It occurs as it should when I have an auto cancel and relist set and the item sells before auto cancel and relist is triggered.

Thank you for reporting @fedege96, I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue here.

@rlmartin Can you please check whether or not you have the “Out of stock” option enabled on eBay?
It’s in My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Under “Selling Preferences”.

Regards, Kristian

@fedege96 I was not able to reproduce the issue.
The live quantity didn’t change when doing a “revise selected properties only”.

“Use quantity left” was NOT enabled in the Launch control window.

Can you still reproduce this issue?

Regards, Kristian

The quantity change happens into GS, not eBay.

@kristian my “Out of stock option” is NOT enabled. You may be confused by my comment. For the benefit of any interested I was simply reporting that I saw the notice for “the quantity is 0” when I have it scheduled to auto cancel and relist and the item sell before it is triggered. It functions as it should for me while the auto cancel and relist feature is waiting to trigger.

OK, thank you for clarifying. The quantity stayed untouched here when I tried to reproduce it.

If I did what @fedege96 says above, I can’t reproduce the problem. Doing a revise with parameters listed has no effect on my quantity in GS. I had 40 in quantity and 1 sold and did a revise with only description checked and nothing happened in GS. It functions as it should when I have the checkbox checked to “use quantity left as new quantity” and did a revise with only description checked and GS correctly changed to 39.

Thank you. I wasn’t confused. I just wanted to check if the not-enabled out-of-stock option is the reason why you get that notice in GarageSale - when fedege doesn’t get the notice.
If out-of-stock is enabled you’re able to start listings with quantity = zero. If it’s not enabled, eBay return a notice if you’re tyring to do so.

Regards, Kristian

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Here you have a VIDEO of the bug

Thanks to the video I was able to reproduce that issue. I think it only happens if the “use quantity left” checkbox is already checked when you open the Launch Control window.
I’ll forward this to @ilja

@fedege96 I was able to reproduce it as well with the use quantity left as new quantity. BUT as a work around, if you check quantity and then uncheck the “quantity left as new quantity” and then uncheck the quantity button the issue won’t happen.

Hopefully it will be fixed so we don’t need any workaround, that would be quite long to do any time…

I find myself always looking at that box since it makes many unwanted revisions. Some times I need it checked and others times not checked. This is an important step since GS doesn’t remove sales automatically from quantity available and GS and eBay quantity are not in sync after a sale.

Yes, the new feature is nice but still not perfect. Since GS quantity is not updated, every time I need to check if it is checked or unchecked depending if I have to put new quantities in stock or if I just want to update description. It’s better than before anyway…

The issue with setting quantity to zero during revise/relist should be fixed in the next beta version!

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Excellent, thanks Kristian.

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