Bulk editing a folder. Change from 7 day to 5 day auction

How do u bulk edit an entire folder from 7 day auction to 5 day auction? I thought you would just highlight the folder or open the folder and highlight all the listings, toggle the inspector and simply change from 7 day to 5 day. It would then apply to all in the folder? When i did this only the listing at the top changed from 7 to 5 days and all the rest stayed the same even tho they were highlighted.

I had to individually change 350 listings.

Any help?

Hi miamiwax,

after selecting the folder the trick is to select all listings in the middle view (outline view). Changes you made in the Inspector will then have effect on all selected listings.
There’s a short animation how it works available here:

Regards, Kristian

Hi miamiwax

Kristian gave good advice. One thing to be beware of if you decide to select all "Command-A). Make sure your context is in the RHS pane. The number of times I have made the mistake of selecting all the items in the listing pane. Watch the ball spin for a long, long tome.

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