Business Policies Making My Head Spin

Ok. On the advice of a member of the forum, I am trying to see if I can figure out the business policies.

But I simply don’t understand! What is the difference between Returns Accepted,Buyer,30 Days, Money Back and Returns Accepted,Buyer,30 Days, Money Back#0? Or Returns Accepted,Buyer,30 Days, Money Back#1? Or go all the way up to Returns Accepted,Buyer,30 Days, Money Back#6?

Or the first Returns Accepted,Buyer,30 Days, Money Back at the top of this cluster (just below the blue highlighted option) and the last Returns Accepted,Buyer,30 Days, Money Back which is at the bottom of the cluster?

Shipping is even worse! I’m close to tears here.

I’m trying, honestly I am. But I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with this kind of array of options.


I only get results on shipping that look like that when I import a listing from Ebay. new listings created from GS don’t have that huge array of options only imported ones. I have chalked it up to a glitch that comes back from ebay since 1,500 listings I created new from GS don’t have those options. The only work around I have found is to check the listing on ebay to be sure the shipping setting is correct.

Hi Michelle,

these profiles are mostly automatically created by eBay based on the settings you were using (I guess). Hence the cryptic name.

You can review and rename the profiles on the My eBay website. There’re you should find a section called “Business Policies” somewhere.
After editing the profiles on the eBay website make sure to update them in GarageSale by selecting “Update Profiles” from the Profile menu in e.g. the Return options.

Hope this helps,

Yes yes, those names are automatically created by eBay and really have no sense. You have to spare some time the first time you set them and modify one by one. Go in ebay > top left corner avatar icon > account settings > move your mouse over “account” (don’t click), a scrolling panel will appear and you will be able to choose “business policies”. Or more easily go here

Thank you, kristian. What a nightmare! Makes me wish for the days that I only had a few items up.

Well here’s what’s got me going crazy now: I just sold a cover (that’s a used envelope with a stamp which some stamp collectors collect). It’s a used envelope. Please picture what that looks like. Now, picture how much it weighs.

Do you think that it might weigh 5 pounds 6 ounces? No. It’s less than 3 ounces.

I finally had some time to check everything, for the first time since I dipped my toes in this water, and my shipping profile has changed from 3 oz to 5 lb 6 oz.

Am I the only one who has seen this kind of change when the business profiles made the crossover?

Thank you too, fedege96.

I don’t suppose you’ve found a shortcut or batch item workaround that works?

Hello Michelle,
sorry I didn’t get your question, what do you exactly mean? A shortcut for what?

I mean pretty much anything that would speed up the process of correcting or fixing my [currently offline] 500+ listings.

Do you think it might be more expedient to just start over on each of them?

No no! Now I understood. Well, that’s quite easy to fix. When you have created the business policies in eBay, update info in GS

Then bulk select all the listings and easily bulk change the profile. If (I suppose) you will have a unique policy for return and a unique one for payment, you will need (I guess) different ones for shipping if you sell items with different weight and dimensions ranges. This way, make sure you first bulk select all items that need the same shipping profile (for example, all book that weight the same grams range), then just bulk edit the profile by opening the scrolling panel and choosing the correct correspondent profile. This way you will update all listings in few time.
I hope this will help.

Have a nice day

Yes. Thank you.

Question: will eBay automatically add a policy each time something has a different weight?

Or if I ship something by UPS (which would be the first time ever)?

eBay automatically created those policies with strange titles you saw, but when you opt in, it’s you that need to add new ones or modifies existents. So no, as far as I know, you have to select the correct shipping policy when you create a listing. If you dispatch a good for a new weight range, you have first to create the correspondent policy. After editing title, photos, description and price, now you have also to remember about changing the shipping policy depending on the weight of the good (of the parcel, actually).

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