Buy It Now with "auto respond to offers?"

When setting up auctions as BIN with the Best Offer feature checked, is there a way to engage the “auto respond to offers” with the 2 options Ebay provides which are:

  1. Automatically accept offers of at least $________
  2. Automatically decline offers lower than $________

This sure would help with how we list 90% of our items…

Thanks in advance,

Click the little magnifying glass next to the BEST OFFER checkbox, that will bring it up.


I tried this twice, and GS7 Beta 14 (734) crashed both times. If needed, I have the log file that my Mac Generates to “send to Apple” if it would help.

Hi oeagleo,

I just tied it here in GarageSale 7 beta 14 but it didn’t crash. Could you describe what exactly you’re doing (and where) in GarageSale?

Please check the Console utility (under /Applications/Utilities) for output from
GarageSale. Do you see something there?

Regards, Kristian

³I hate when that happens!²… I just tried it again, and now it works. You
guys must really be good, apparently you fixed the problem while I was
sleeping! :slight_smile: Sorry for the false report, I have no idea what I was doing
to make it do that, just trying to use an old template to create a new
listing, so unless it happens again, chalk it up to user error… I am
sending the report that the Mac Generates to send to Apple, hoping that will
be of some help in seeing what I did.
SBAKER Listing (22.1 KB)

Thanks for the compliment, but that’s probably still a bug lurking in our code. Is just hard to trigger, because there are certain pre-conditions to meet. :frowning:

Do you need a logfile from the console? I tried to find anything with
Garage Sale in it, but didn’t see anything in the ones I looked at, that’s
why I decided to send the Apple file. Hope that one helps, but if you need
more, let me know what you need, and I’ll get it to you!

I looked at your crash log file, but unfortunately it does not contain enough information to identify the crash. What would help us the most would be instructions on how to replicate the crash - which is almost always the hardest part of debugging the a problem.