Can I clean up /Library/Containers/GarageSale for older versions?

I notice there are three separate folders in /Libary/Containers/ with the (visible) name of “GarageSale”. When I get info, one was created by gs7, one by gs8, and one by gs9. The finder (in the last few OS versions) will not show the “actual” folder name for these, as I recall, but only the app name itself substituted for the actual app ID.

Is it safe to assume I can delete the older ones?

And I think that every time you upgrade and keep the previous version, you will get another copy. I trimmed mine down to just the latest version - and as you said, get info is the only way to work out which is which.

If you no longer want to keep the old GarageSale 7/ GarageSale 8 databases (e.g. as a backup) it is safe to delete them.

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