Can I put the GS db on a server?

I have a GS Multi User license. I would like to put the GS db on a NAS so that all the machines are able to update one DB. It has gotten too large to copy easily. Is that possible? Thank you, CAL

NO! Don’t put it on a NAS, that’s not a good idea… tried with a sinology one and messed up data as you can’t imagine…

Soon or later the new GS version number 8 will have synch feature! Would you like to take part in a full immersion beta testing :grin:? You can ask GS team to send you an invitation. I’d like to compare my synching hijinks with some other users…

LOL. I can imagine that it would have problems with updates from eBay to the different computers. I think that I will wait for them to release it. I already spend too much time trying to keep things updated on my one db. Thank you for the quick reply.

Welcome. Moreover, synology NAS must have a strange way to handle data inside the db. Also putting on it some exported files messed up data… I suggest you to wait for the official synch feature.

Sorry, the database file(s) can only be opened by application at a time.

If you want multi-user data sharing, you’ll need to wait for GarageSale 8 (currently in beta testing).

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