Can I share Family license out of state?

(Couldn’t find a search function so excuse if this was asked before.)

I’d like to upgrade to a family license so my brother can help me with auctions. However, he lives out of state. I use Yosemite but he uses Windows.

Is there still a way to share templates with him?


Sorry, GarageSale only runs on Macs. So you brother would need to get his hand on a Mac running OS X somehow.

Thank you for the quick reply, illja!

If he does get a Mac, tho, how would I share a template with him if he’s out of state? Can we do it thru Dropbox or can he connect to mine thru Bonjour or with Sharing in System Preferences?


Hi bruhed,

what you could do is to use the Export command from the File menu to export the template(s) and then use mail or DropBox to share it.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for the answer/info, Kristian! Much appreciated.

Hi Christian,

It’s my first question to this forum.
Actuallly I’m using a single licence from garagesale 6 and i need upgrade to garagesale 7 because of multiple eans in auctions with variants.

Also it seems that the only real difference between single licence (2 macs) or family licence (5 macs) is the number of macs you can install GarageSale simultaneously. It’s real ?

At this moment we’re only two people working with GarageSale, so we really need Family version from any other question in which family licence is better?

And my second and more important question is, with a family version it could be possible to share our templates and other items directly or we must export/import from a shared external place ( like DB or similiar). From other point of view, GarageSale could be like a centralized server storing all templates or is a network individual collection of macs each one separately working?..

Thanks for your attention. I’m waiting your answer.

Allformyphone seller.

The single user license is good for a single person, but that person can run GarageSale on to different Macs. If you have several persons working on GarageSale at the same time, we’d very much appreciate it if you purchase a family license.

For the initial release of version 7 you have to stick with the import/export workflow. But one of the goals of the GarageSale 7 rewrite was to enable synching. It’s just not in the initial 7.0 release. We have to take one step after the other.